Donor recognition

R.I.P. Jean Malget, catholic parish priest of Ehlerange, the biggest FëBlux donor so far, who died the 09.10.2017 – notification published in the newspaper „Luxemburger Wort“, 14.10.2017, p. 95.

Every giver is registered in the internal FëBLux donors‘ register and will be immortalised there.

We gratefully recognize the following donors for their generous support, personally or generated by compassion of their friends and relatives:

  • Consdorf, Victor (1944-2016)
  • Fagetti, Marie-Rose (1948-2021)
  • Lutgen-Koeune, Marie-Thérèse (1937-2018)
  • Malget, Jean (1931-2017)
  • Meder, Cornel (1938-2018)
  • Muller, Roger (1937-2016)
  • Schouller, Jacques (1932-2016)


Tomb of Jean Malget in Ehlerange (L)