FëBLux, Fir ëffentlech Bibliothéiken, Lëtzebuerg, Association sans but lucratif

(former FËB, Fir Ëffentlech Bibliothéiken)

Registered office: Dudelange

R.C.S. Luxembourg F 8156


[inofficial English translation]

Art. 1. The association takes the name „Fir ëffentlech Bibliothéiken, Lëtzebuerg“ non-profit association, abbreviated FëBLux. In German, English and French appellations to be used are:

– Für Öffentliche Bibliotheken, Luxemburg

– For Public Libraries, Luxembourg

– Pour Bibliothèques de Lecture Publique, Luxembourg

Art. 2. The association primarily acts by any suitable means to the creation of a foundation for financial support for the creation , maintenance and development of public libraries in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, as well for national professional associations and institutions which contribute to their modernization . To ensure an efficient use of subsidies, the association also offers information services and guidance for project executing bodies.

The association also aims to raise funds to

– support any creation and development of organizations contributing to the promotion of public libraries in Europe;

– support any organization contributing to the creation, maintenance and development of public libraries in Europe;

– encourage cooperation between regional, national and international stakeholders campaigning for public libraries in Europe.

Art. 3. The financial support is given annually for construction and equipment, animation and animation material, training, staff costs, technical support, expertise and professional advice, professionalisation projects, modernization and evaluation, cooperation with other national and international stakeholders, awards and scholarships in the field of international cooperation, awards and honors and/or support for the establishment of a central institution for public libraries.

Art. 4. In order to benefit from the help of the association, the public libraries have to:

– constitute a fixed library,

– make accessible library services to all, regardless of age, race, sex, religion, nationality, language or social status,

– offer collections and services, which are not subject to any form of ideological, political or religious censorship, nor commercial pressures, and

– provide non-fiction collections.

Organizations contributing to the promotion of public libraries in Europe, wanting to have the support of the association, must clearly adhere to the principles of democracy.

— — —

FëBLux coordinated constitution 2024 / French: Statuts coordonnés 2024