Create your fund

FëBLux voluntary proposes you a list of needed library equipment. As orientation we collaborate with local and national library suppliers, or library supply agencies, if they exist.

Furthermore FëBLux offers the possibility to create an individual fund (name fund), which can be permanent or consumable, to sustain a special field, in which the donor expresses an interest, according to the FëBLux constitution.

Tax-deductible advantages are possible. For any information, please contact us.

Former funds so far:

EBLIDA-Fund, created the 15.11.2016, to support the European Bureau of Library, Information and Documentation Associations www.eblida.org, the voice of libraries in Europe, our most efficient voice in Brussels. It was a consumable fund, fed by more or less regular financial contributions by interested individual or institutional donors, not limited in time, providing the beneficiary with general donations without restrictions. This fund was dissolved on 1st of February 2023 to finance the Eblida-congress in Luxembourg in April 2023.