Mission & Vision

Fir méi Bibliothéiken – For more libraries

Create, develop and maintain public libraries in Luxembourg. Help organizations on European level to promote public libraries.

Mission statement

FëBLux is the national charity organisation providing financial support for public libraries in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, which offer services to all, regardless of age, race, sex, religion, nationality, language or social status.

We are a politically neutral and independent organization that raises money for needy libraries.

The members of our Board are characterized by high technical skills in library organization, which they constantly develop further. We motivate each other, deal responsibly with the resources made available to us and achieve maximum impact for the benefit of society.

In accordance with the guidelines of Unesco we support the provision of resources and services in public libraries, which are not subject to any form of ideological, political or religious censorship, nor commercial pressures.

We are committed to ensure that the foreign-language population of Luxembourg has eased access to literature in their language through public libraries.

Our main concern is the creation, maintenance and development of public libraries in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and national professional associations and institutions that contribute to their modernization.

To ensure an efficient use of funds, we also offer information services and guidance for project executing organisations.

Our domain is the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Special efforts are to library related underdeveloped parts of the country.

We also campaign for cross borders cooperation.

We are committed to high standards of quality, creativity and innovation of the projects supported by us, as long as their realization is in a reasonable range.

We are closely following the developments in librarianship and continuously adapt our products and services to meet any changing needs.

We are open to the wishes and suggestions of our „customers“ and provide them with the best possible service.

We work closely with other library organisations campaigning for a fair promotion and development of public libraries in the country.

Luxembourg, November 29th, 2011

Inspired by the mission statement (Leitbild) of the Swiss foundation Bibliomedia, former Schweizerische Volksbibliothek – Bibliothèque pour tous.


Since April 15th, 2016, FëBLux also aims to raise funds to help organizations contributing to the promotion of public libraries in Europe. (check our Constitution)